The General Hospital Ampara Initiate digital hospital project to smoothly transform key hospital operations to a digital system since 2015. All the records in the paper format were saved as Electronic medical record (EMR). We registered first patient on April 2016 with this system. we are the first digital general hospital in the island to connect all hospital operations (OPD,Clinics and Wards) to a digital system

All the patients are given Patient card with name, Personal Health Number (PHN) and barcode. The users (Doctors,Nurses,Laboratory technicians, Radiographers etc) are given laptop computers with barcode scanners .All the departments are connected to the digital system.

There are three patient registration counters, they register new clients.

There are 148000 patients in the Database at the moment.

Key specific feature of our project is very low cost and design and maintenance by hospital own staff.

Benefits Of Digital health Project

Reduced record keeping expenses

More accurate data

No poor handwriting problems

Automated sharing among patients and provider

Empower the patient to manage their own health - via Internet information and decision support tools

Avoidance of duplicating tests

Automatic summarisation/graphical displays of context-relevant information to the physician

Decision Support Tools -> Improved decisions

Remote access to data - e.g. ill while travelling

Allergy Warning.

Ability to mine large record databases

Research- causes of disease

Assess effectiveness of treatment programmes/drugs

Monitor outbreaks of diseases

Easier to conduct clinical trials and rapidly incorporate research results in decision support tools

Project Goal

To improve quality, safety, efficiency and patient centeredness in service delivery of General Hospital Ampara using Information and Communication Technology.

Project Objectives

E – health projects and plans

1.Implimentation of Hospital health information management  system (HHIMS) to OPD .

2.Que management system to OPD & Clinics and integration to HHIMS

3.Implimentation of Laboratory information management system (LIMS)

4.Implementation of HHIMS at Clinics

5.PACS System

6.Instalation of Hospital health information Kiosk

7.Implimentation of HHIMS to Wards and special units